The Scottish College Cup is open to all Colleges in Scotland and are PC or Console based. Students must be aged 12+ to participate in this competition.

Rocket League (3+) is a fun, fast-action title where teams use rocket-powered vehicles to hit a ball into their opponent’s goal and score points over the course of a match.

The College Cup format will last over a 2-day (Saturday and Sunday) weekend. On Saturday, teams will split into two groups of four colleges. Colleges will then play against the 3 other colleges in their group in a series of games with the aim to win as many points as possible throughout the day. The points will determine seeding for the Playoffs on Sunday.

All colleges will play in the Quarter Finals stage of the Playoffs and will compete in a series of games where the winner will proceed to the next round of the competition. The Playoffs are the knockout stage meaning if you lose your series against another college, your team will be eliminated from the competition. The team to win all their games and eliminate the final college will become the Scottish College Cup Champions 2020.

Each student will need a valid Steam ID / Epic Account ID for their in-game name on their roster.

View the full ruleset here and general rules.


How do I enter my school/college team into the Championships?

Head to “My Account” on the navigation bar and click “register” from the drop down list and complete the form. Please note, only staff members can register for the British Esports Championships on behalf of their students in their respective school or college. Once you have created your account, head to your chosen tournament pages and select “registrations now open” which will take you to team registration. []

Where can I find the rules and regulations?

Click here for the Scottish College Tournament General Rules. You can also find these rules and regulations under ‘SUPPORT’ on the navigation bar.

What Is The Cost To Enter The College Cup?

There is no entry fee to enter a team into the Scottish College Cup.

For the British Esports Championships there is an entry of £25 per school for the year of 2020/21, plus £5 per team, per game, per season (+ VAT).

What Are The Key Dates For The Tournament?

Registration for the Scottish College Cup will open on the 9/11/2020 with registrations closing on the 27/11/2020.

The Scottish College Cup will begin on the 28/11/2020 with fixtures closing on the 29/11/2020

Where Do I Find The In-Game Names?

For Rocket League, the in-game name will be the username visible in the bottom left when you are on the in-game home screen of Rocket League. With Rocket League moving to the Epic Games store in summer 2020 and becoming free to play, those with the game already purchased will continue to be able to play on Steam, but new users will need an Epic Account ID. Read the following for assistance with finding your Steam ID, or your Epic Account ID.

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Interested in the British Esports Championship?

The Championships are open to all secondary schools, Further Education (FE) Colleges and Alternative Provision (AP) schools in the UK and are PC-based. Students must be aged 12+ to participate.