Can students play from home?

Our default position remains that we expect all Champs matches to take place in a supervised, classroom environment. However, if playing from a classroom at school/college is not a legitimate option given the ongoing situation around COVID, then we will be allowing students to play from home.

Read our COVID-19 guidelines for more information.

How many teams can I enter into a tournament?

Institutes may enter multiple teams providing they have at least 1 dedicated PC per player (to account for playing vs their peers). If you are a new team, we recommend signing up a max of one team per game, as this will allow for your school/college an easier way to learn the Champs before committing to more teams in future seasons, if desired.

How much is it to enter the tournaments?

The entry fee for the British Esports Championships is £25 per school for the year of 2020/21, plus £5 per team, per game, per season (+ VAT).

Can I edit or enter further tournaments in the future?

If you do not know how many teams you want to enter right now, you can add them at a later date in ‘My Account’ before registrations close. You can also edit/change/update your teams.

Why do I need a Discord account?

This is required to enter the Champs Discord server which is one of our main forms of communication. Your username will need to be an active account for other teams to get in contact. Your invite will be sent directly to the Discord username provided.

Who can register their school/college?

Only staff members can register for the British Esports Championships on behalf of their students in their respective school or college. The information you provide will only be used in line with our Privacy Policy.

What is the esports BTEC?

The British Esports Association has partnered with global learning company Pearson to create the world’s first qualification of its kind for a career in esports. The new BTEC qualifications in esports are skills-focused and institutions in the UK and around the world will have the opportunity to offer these new qualifications to students from September 2020.

What titles are currently run in the Championships?

Overwatch (12+), League of Legends (12+), and Rocket League (3+). All are team based titles.

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