Code Of Conduct

The British Esports Association takes safety of players very seriously. As such, we have implemented several measures to protect the wellbeing and identities of those who take part in our tournaments.

Playing of matches

Only those rostered can play. Teams must play together from the same  school/college. Teams must be supervised by member of staff (the ‘Leader’).

Due to current COVID-19 safety measures, we understand that many schools/colleges will face certain restrictions in the new academic term such as increased online learning, social distancing, and potentially the inability for students to partake in extracurricular activities after school.

Our default position remains that we expect all Champs matches to take place in a supervised, classroom environment. However, given the national situation around Covid, if this is not possible we want to ensure students can still participate and represent their school or college in the Champs. Therefore, if playing from a classroom at school/college is not a legitimate option given the ongoing situation, then we will be allowing students to play from home.

All students must still follow our code of conduct and the Leader must supervise to the best of their ability, even if this is remotely. We will review our code of conduct regularly and update, if necessary, regarding our policy on students playing from home.


Unsporting Behaviour

(“flaming”, “toxicity”, “bm”, “hacking”, “aimbotting”)

Any unsporting behaviour is a punishable offence and harms enjoyment of the game. When dealing with unsportsmanlike conduct, it’s important that admins have proof of exactly what happened.

If an opposing player verbally abuses a member of your team or deliberately behaves in an unsporting manner you must take screenshots and report directly to an admin.

Depending on the circumstance a player can be punished instantly or if the issue requires more investigation, this will be done after the tournament.


British Esports Championships considers the three areas of risk in online safety, as outlined by the CODE OF CONDUCT and Department for Education.

Content: All esports titles in the British Esports Championships are age-appropriate for school and college students. Rocket League is PEGI 3+; Overwatch and League of Legends are PEGI 12+.

Contact: Each fixture in the British Esports Championships will be played via a closed community platform. Only students registered by their school/college will be able to access the platform. Each fixture in the British Esports Championships will be played on school/college premises and supervised by an adult member of staff (school/college ‘Leader’). Professional Tournament Admins will be monitoring all online interactions and fixtures.

Conduct: Every school/college will submit the names of each player representing their institution as well as their in-game name (full names of players will not be shared by British Esports Championships without permission). Therefore, in the event of misconduct during the British Esports Championships, that player can be held responsible and penalties will be imposed. Admins, and every school/college Leader are responsible for ensuring all rules are followed and standards of fair play are maintaining throughout.

School/college Leaders can request to have data erased. More information on data protection can be found in the T&Cs on the tournament website.

Full, up-to-date rulesets are available on the tournament system.

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