AoC Sport FIFA21 Cup

The AoC Sport FIFA 21 Cup will be for teams of three from AoC Sport member colleges to participate in a national competition in tournaments on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The participating colleges will compete nationally every week from March.

College students will form teams of three per tournament (Xbox/PS4), each playing a 12-minute (six minutes per half) 1v1 match in the Kick Off game mode against the opposing team in classic match.

For all fixtures (e.g. College A vs College B) there will be 3 rounds with 9 overall  games being played by each college every week. All players will play 3 1v1 games per fixture.

For example:

Order of play: College A v College B 

Round 1: A Player 1 v B Player 3, A Player 2 v B Player 1 & A Player 3 v B Player 2

Round 2: A Player 1 v B Player 2, A Player 2 v B Player 3 & A Player 3 v B Player 1

Round 3: A Player 1 v B Player 1, A Player 2 v B Player 2 & A Player 3 v B Player 3


Half Length: 6 minutes

Controls: Any

Game Speed: Normal

Squad Type: 90 Overall

No mirrored teams to be used in a fixture


Match process:

  1. Players will have to add each other as Friends on PSN/XBOX in advance of the match.
  2. Home team sets up the lobby in online friendlies (or players can mutually agree / use a coin flip).
  3. Player sets up Kick Off mode Classic Match lobby in Online Friendlies and invites their opponent.
  4. The match is played.
  5. At the end of the match, players must take a screenshot of the final score on their phone or other device.
  6. Repeat for each player’s second and third game, until all players have played their 3 1v1 matches against the opposing college.
  7. Each player must submit screenshots and scores to their staff team leader once all matches are played for the whole fixture. The staff team leader will submit all scores on the tournament site.


Where can I find the rules and regulations?

Click here for the AoC Sport FIFA21 Cup General Rules. You can also find these rules and regulations under ‘SUPPORT’ on the navigation bar.

What Is The Cost To Enter The College Cup?

There is no entry fee to enter a team into the AoC Sport FIFA21 Cup, however only AoC Sport Member Colleges are eligible to join.


For the British Esports Championships (separate from AoC Sport FIFA Cup) there is an entry of £25 per school for the year of 2020/21, plus £5 per team, per game, per season (+ VAT). This is open to all schools and colleges across the UK.

What Are The Key Dates For The Tournament?

Registration for the AoC Sport FIFA21 Cup closes on 24th February. Fixtures begin each Wednesday at 3-5pm. Fixtures will begin on 3rd March and run for 10 weeks.

Where Do I Find The In-Game Names?

For this cup we are running both XBOX and Playstation tournaments. You will need to enter your students XBOX Gamertag/PSN ID as their in-game name on the roster. 


Each student will need to add the opponents in order to play the private match for their fixtures. Staff team leaders should ensure the students know who their opponents are each week in advance.

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Interested in the British Esports Championship?

The Championships are open to all secondary schools, Further Education (FE) Colleges and Alternative Provision (AP) schools in the UK and are PC-based. Students must be aged 12+ to participate.